The Deborah Circle has been a part of Metropolitan Baptist Church since March 1904 when Mrs. T. L. Searcy organized the circle.  The purpose of the circle was to visit and minister to the sick and those in distress and to promote Christian type of social and recreational life for the membership.


     The first officers of the circle were:


Mrs. Mariah L. Johns, President
Mrs. Jennie Lane, Vice-President
Mrs. Corinne Walton Waller, Secretary
Mrs. Sadie Smith, Treasurer


Mrs. Addie Isabel, Mrs. Hattie Dotson Allen and Mrs. Frances Dupree were the charter members.
The Deborah Circle has grown tremendously since it organized years ago. Its’ ministries have been expanded to fit almost every phase of the church’s program.  Among some of the Circle’s successful endeavors are the following:


  1. Installed a window in the Sanctuary.
  2. Provided a flood light on top of the Owen Tower.
  3. Place wrought iron rails on the steps leading into the Sanctuary.
  4. Placed drapes in the Prayer Chapel.
  5. Placed a fence around the church on the McDowell   (Hollis Price) side of the property.
  6. Place new furniture in the Secretary’s office.
  7. Purchased new dinette chairs for the Mary Owen Fellowship Hall.
  8. Minister to the sick and shut in and their caregivers, bereaved and estranged members.
  9. Provide a special event during the month of October.