The purpose of this organization is to 1) enable the wives of the Deacons and Trustees of the Metropolitan Baptist Church to become more knowledgeable concerning the works and programs of the Church and its associations; the wives will then apply this knowledge to enhance the activities of the Church’s Deacons and Trustees, 2) To promote unity, fellowship and communication among each other and, 3) to support the citywide (Memphis B. M. & E) Deacons and Trustees Wives organization and its ministries.


To support the lay ministry of the Deacons and Trustees

  1. To support Christian education in general
  2. To foster Christian fellowship among members

We have participated in donating   to Lemoyne Owen College with the City Wide organization.  Also we participated in sponsoring a Tea and Fashion Show with them.

Deacon and Trustee Wives and guest
“Strut their Stuff”

The City-Wide Deacon and Trustee Wives organization’s Annual Tea and Fashion Show was held Saturday, September 25 at St. Paul Baptist Church and was fantastic!!

Metropolitan was represented well by 9 models.  They were:
Sherry Howard in a red bubble hemmed coat and patterned hose (beautiful).  Jean Dobbins dressed in black and white and looking “Jazz…Z” in her white mini skirt (WOW).  The twins Autumn and Adriannne Moore dressed in the latest fad for teens in look-alike bubble hemmed party dresses (real cute).  Mrs. Geraline Aluko was in a “Michelle Obama” like sleeveless top with a new attitude and a new “do” (WOW!).  Betty King wore a floor sweeping gown in flowing fabric with a short jacket thrown over her right shoulder as she exited the runway (lovely).  A former Miss USA, Angela Johnson and her mother, Mrs. Frances Johnson were guest models for Metropolitan (cousins of Marie Campbell).  Mrs. Ella Young was our photographer for the event.

Thank you to models and the many members who were in attendance and supported the activity.
Marie Campbell, President