Quortina Phipps

Assistant Director

Florence B. Ford

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The Angelic and Cherubim Choirs of Metropolitan Baptist were organized under the direction and leadership of Florence Bradford Ford. Mrs. Ford has served as the pianist for the choirs since its existence. The Angelic and Cherubim Choirs were named in 1980 under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Fred C. Lofton. The choirs were developed in order to involve the children of the church.  The Angelic Choir consisted of children kindergarten to third grade. Initially, the Angelic Choir participated on the 1st and 3rd Sunday worship services and the Cherubim Choir participated on the 2nd and 4th Sunday Worship Services.  The Cherubim choir, under the direction of Christine Currin Johnson and Cynthia Currin Waters, consisted of children in grades 4th to 6th.  Clementine Atkins Ramsey joined as assistant Choir Director for the children choir director for the Cherubim Choir.  Cynthia Roberts served briefly as Assistant Choir Director.  The Choir Directors for the Angelic and Cherubim Choir were Andrea Pryor, 1979 – 1980; Angela Trice, 1980 – 1981; Christal Hall Cater, 1981-2005; Adrienne D. Cater, 2005 – 2008.  The Angelic and Cherubim Choir later combined in 2008 and Quortina Phipps joined us as director and Calvin Phipps as assistant pianist. For the past 28 years, the children have learned spirituals, gospel, anthems, and hymns.  They have performed at LeBonhuer Children’s Hospital and visited many sick and shut-in members.  The Angelic and Cherubim choir participated in various occasions and programs with sanctuary Choir such as the Annual Christmas Concert, the annual Sunday School Christmas program, the Alcy Elementary String Orchestra and the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church Children’s Choir.  The Angelic and Cherubim Choirs.  The Angelic and Cherubim Choirs also participated in the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Christmas Celebration; College Park Citizen Center and First Baptist Lauderdale Children’s Choir Celebration.  Their regular service to Metropolitan Baptist Church is every second Sunday of the month.  They also serve as music leaders for the Children’s Worship Service in Children’s Church on the second and fourth Sunday of every month.  There are at least 25 Children on roll, the majority of which are still very active.  The Angelic and Cherubim elect officers and have developed choir rules.  The choirs are thought music theory, in addition to church etiquette and church history.  The music is scripture-based (Scripture set to music) and is taught and understood by the children.