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 Greetings in the Name of the Lord

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I again invite you to join me next Sunday (September 11) for a walk in the neighborhood. Many have asked, “How can we grow our Church?” There are multiple answers to this question. One of those answers is to follow the advice of the Gospel, “Go into the highways and as many as you find invite them to the wedding” (Matthew 22:9). On Sunday, We will follow this directive.

At sermon time will take to the street. Please dress for the occasion (In a Church shirt if you have it). The Plan is to divide into teams, go door to door, pass out cards for revival, invite people to worship, pass out information for voter registration, invite people to join us for prayer, and then meet in the park for prayer.

I hope everyone will participate. If you can’t walk you can ride the bus, van or drive down to the park, (in College Park) If you reading this and you will not be in Memphis, pray for our effort at Noon on next Sunday.

September 11th is Birth Month Sunday. So after prayer, we will meet back at the church for refreshments and fellowship.

In preparation for this special day join me in prayer and read Luke 10:1-12. Pray that we will go out with the right attitude and spirit. Pray that we will have the courage to boldly witness for the Lord.


The Peace of God be with you                                                       See you on Sunday

Word for the Morning                                                                        Pastor Porter


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