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You Are Invited

ACT prep

Calling All Men


rebecca club


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From the Pastor’s Desk

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Pastor Porter featured image

Greetings in the Name of the Lord


Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Are you keeping them? Each year most of us make and break resolutions to make some change in our lives. Since most plans are for positive changes, why do we fail to follow through? I believe the reasons are simple. First we often make unrealistic plans for change. Sometimes the time frame is too short. Sometimes the change requires more than we initially thought. The second reason is there is often no real commitment to invest the time and effort necessary to make the change a reality.

In keeping with our theme and watch word for 2016 “Pray”, I encourage you to work on your prayer life in 2016. There are many ways to improve. You can pray more often by setting aside a specific time(s) for prayer each day. Find a prayer partner and once a week pray without asking for anything. At least once a week, sit quietly to see if you can hear what the Lord is saying to you. There are many more possibilities. Choosing to improve your prayer life, will have lasting benefits for you and all who are associated with you.


“The earnest effectual prayer of the righteous avails much.”


The Peace of God be with you     See you on Sunday

In this age of commercialism, social media, political correctness, selfishness and the waning influence by the Church, it is very easy to lose sight of the meaning of Christmas.


The simple, yet powerful story, of Bethlehem gets lost in the ads about sales, holiday specials, and “must have” gifts. Even as we embrace the sights and sounds of the season, we must keep uppermost in our minds the real Christmas Story.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, Savior of the world!


 I therefore encourage you to:

    • Read the story recorded in the first two chapters of Matthew and Luke

    • Listen to the wonderful music that tells the real story of Christmas

    • Worship often

    • Pray

May the blessings of the Christ child be with you this season and beyond.


The Peace of God be with you     See you on Sunday

Word for the Morning       Pastor Porter

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2015 – 2016 Optimist International Oratorical

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2015 – 2016 Optimist International Oratorical Contest


Sponsored by the Curve Optimist Club of Memphis


The Optimist International Oratorical Contest is a competitive event in which students compose a speech on a preassigned topic and deliver the speech before a panel of judges and an audience. It is an excellent opportunity for them to improve oratory skills, develop self-confidence, and receive awards. The topic for 2016 is “How My Best Brings Out the Best in Others.”

The contest is open to students under the age of 18 as of October 1, 2015, and  students who have not yet graduated from high school or the equivalent. There is no minimum age. The oration has a time limit of (4 – 5 minutes) that must be adhered to in order to get the proper points assigned (see penalties on Official Rules).

All contestants will receive certificates of participation. Winners will receive medallions and the following monetary awards:


                                 1st  Place – $200.00

                                 2nd Place – $100.00

                                 3rd Place – $50.00


The Curve Oratorical Contest is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on February 27, 2016, at Metropolitan Baptist Church, 767 Walker Avenue, Memphis, TN 38126. Contestants are encouraged to begin planning for this competition NOW!

An application form and official rules are available upon request by contacting Doris W. Hawkins (901-755-1132 / or Paulette Brown (901-690-5156). Completed application forms are due on or before February 10, 2015.

Doris W. Hawkins, Oratorical Contest Chair

Cary C. Woods, Curve President

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From the Pastor’s Desk

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Greetings in the Name of the LordRevPorter2“Jesus Christ is Born”


There is only one reason to celebrate Christmas, Jesus Christ, was born! Diversity is good, but Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. We must respect the faith of others, but we must also demand respect for Christianity! Songs of the season are okay; however, we must not neglect the Hymns of Christmas. We cannot afford to be ashamed of, or make excuses for, our faith in Jesus. Lights and trees are nice but, the Nativity Scenes point to the real meaning of Christmas. Sing, decorate, fellowship, shop,  and celebrate, but remember. IF THERE IS NO BIRTH IN BETHLEHEM THERE IS NO CHRISTMAS!!!

There is only one reason to celebrate Christmas…

Jesus Christ was born!



The Peace of God be with you                      See you on Sunday

Word for the Morning                                   Pastor Porter




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An Invitation

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an inventation


The 75th Annual Messiah


On Sunday, December 20, 2015, 6:00 P. M., our sister church, First Baptist Church, Lauderdale, located at 682 S. Lauderdale Street, is extending a special invitation to Metropolitan to attend its 75th annual rendition of George Frederic Handel’s Messiah. Mrs. Yvonne Cleveland-Holmes is Minister of Music and Pianist, Metropolitan’s own Carl Everett Johnson, Jr. is Director and Dr. Noel G. L. Hutchinson, Jr. is Pastor. Several members of Metropolitan will be singing in the choir or playing in the orchestra. Please plan to attend.

Second Congregational United Church of Christ cordially invites you to its Annual Christmas Candlelight Celebration on Sunday, December 20, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. This annual event will feature an evening of scriptures, carols, and songs that highlight the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



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Things to Remember

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THE ANNUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM will be held on Sunday morning, December 20, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. We extend a special invitation for YOU to participate in the program. All three Sunday School divisions are invited and encouraged to participate. Christmas is celebrated by ALL ages. It’s all about the birth of Jesus Christ. The Sunday School Christmas program rehearsals are below.

                                Saturday, December 19th,   10:00 o’clock


December 23-26, 2015 – Church Office Closed for Holidays

December 25 – Christmas Day Worship , 10 a.m.

December 31 – Watach Night service, 10 p.m. til 12 midnight

December 31-January 2, 2016 – Church Office Closed

There will be a Deborah Circle meeting Sunday, December 20, 2015 after morning worship in the Gym. Jesus is the reason for the season. Hope to see you there.


Tiffany M. Crawford- President


Will meet on Saturday, December 5th at 11am to review and discuss the book, Woman of Light a Novel about the life of Deborah.



The music ministry presents the Annual Holiday Concert on Sunday, December 6, at 3 p.m. There will be many special artists and groups featured. Please plan to attend.



JOIN! RENEW! YOUR MEMBERSHIPS – – Get a Gift! Get your membership today!

Membership information is below or donations (will be used to write memberships on youth in our community) in any amount are welcomed. Checks should be made payable to NAACP.


  • Regular Adult: $30.00 (includes subscription to Crisis magazine)
  • Youth $15 (includes subscription to Crisis magazine)
  • Youth $10
  • Life Memberships are also available


WE WILL BE COLLECTING MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS AFTER WORSHIP ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6th. Contact Macelle Turner or Patrice Thompson for more details.



Will be held on Sunday morning, December 20, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. We extend a special invitation to YOU to participate in the program. All three Sunday School divisions are invited and encouraged to participate. Christmas is celebrated by ALL ages. It’s all about the birth of Jesus Christ. The Sunday School Christmas program rehearsals are below.

               Saturday, December 5th,     10:00 o’clock

               Saturday, December 19th,   10:00 o’clock


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Christian Education

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Christine Currin Johnson, Director



We are in the midst of Advent. Advent is the season in the Christian calendar preceding Christmas. One dictionary defines the word Advent as coming or arrival. During Advent, we are preparing for the celebration of the birth or arrival of Jesus Christ. The Advent season begins four Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. At Metropolitan, we celebrate during Sunday School and morning worship service.

We know that Jesus is the Light of the world. As Christians, we are charged with the responsibility of being lights to those with whom we come in contact. We must reflect the Light of God’s goodness and grace as we go into all of the world.


The hymn below refers to the Light – JESUS.


Jesus, the Light of the World

Lyrics written by and music arranged by George D. Elderkin

Hark! The herald angels sing, Jesus, the light of the world;

Glory to the newborn King, Jesus, the Light of the world.

We’ll walk in the light, beautiful light,

Come where the dewdrops of mercy are bright,

Shine all around us by day and by night,

Jesus, the Light of the world.


We are preparing for Christmas! Let’s remember to set aside time during this period to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. This is a time for spiritual preparation.

As we prepare our hearts and minds, we think of hope, love, joy, and peace that come through Jesus Christ. In addition to preparing for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we are also anticipating the return of Jesus Christ.

Annual Christmas Program

The Annual Sunday School Christmas program will be held on Sunday morning, December 20, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. Everyone is invited to attend.

All program participants are asked to attend the very important rehearsal on December 5, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. Please inform Superintendent Christal Cater if you will be unable to attend


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Our Sick and Shut-In

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sick and shut-in

  1. Esther Clark,                       295 W. Red Sox Lane, #223 38105
  2. Hallie Johnson,                   838 Walker 38126
  3. Lloyd A. Bell,                    Graceland Nursing,    1250 Farrow, Rm #107 38116
  4. Gwendolyn Jordan,       Greenfield Assisted Living at Lenox Park  6551 Knight Arnold Road 38115
  5. Robert H. Williams            2452 Bridgeport 38114
  6. Lanetha Branch                1776 Greenview Circle, 38108
  7. Annie B. Saunders          1666 S. Parkway E., 38106
  8. Gamaliel Black                 3896 Birchleaf Road 38116    
  9. Geneva Burns                  3010 Rochester Road 38109
  10. Samuel Peace, Jr.          3302 Alta 38109                    
  11. Mary Ethel Jones            1397 Castalia Road 38114
  12. Gladys Bradley                2048 Lamar 38114              
  13. Etha Wiggins                  1498 Arkansas 38109
  14. Evelyn Matlock               1170 Nester Cove 38109
  15. Yvonne Coburn               538 East Mallory 38106
  16. Fred P. Sanders, Sr.      4535 Hancock Drive 38116
  17. John T. Jackson              3923 Baywind Dr. 38109
  18. Zeke Green                     4115 Friendly Way 38115


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Announcements from the Youth Minister

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Youth Pastor


It’s been a total of 4 months since the Youth Choir last led the congregation in a full Sunday morning worship service. Since that time they have managed to sing on third Sundays, but no more than two selections. On the other hand we have managed to build up a strong group of children for the children’s choir. This past third Sunday consisted of both pros and cons.


1.) Children’s Choir looks strong with potential for growth.

2.) The new songs were received well with the congregation.


1.) The Children’s and Youth Choirs are without a director (with the exception of Brother Hill who also plays the piano simultaneously, he can only do so much).

2.) The youth were honestly singing background to the children’s choir. 

3) The lack of enthusiasm was evident in the tone and volume.

Some of you may be wondering: “why I’m addressing this issue in my article this week?” Well to answer your inquiring minds:

1.) I’m proud of the progress that’s taking place with our children’s choir.

2.) I’m at the same time displeased with the state of the Youth Choir. 

3.) We’ve previously held a parent and youth meeting regarding youth participation in rehearsals.

4.) The Youth being limited to two songs on a third Sunday is a step back. It may seem cute and     reminiscent of the good ole’ Metropolitan days but it is a backwards step in terms of youth involvement in the worship experience.


The core problem we are currently experiencing with the Youth choir is a lack of participation in regularly scheduled choir rehearsals. The youth choir members have complained about not being able to sing songs from their familiar repertoire and that the new songs are too child-like.  This problem could be easily solved if Youth Choir Members show up for set rehearsals. Regular rehearsal attendance will permit adequate preparation in which the youth can revisit their familiar repertoire and learn new songs that are more suitable to their capabilities. I know our youth are heavily involved in both academic and extracurricular activities including high school organizations (HSO), etc., however, we cannot permit them to neglect their commitment to the choir and the Church. Mr. Hill has demonstrated a willingness to accommodate their busy schedules, yet the youth participation in choir rehearsal has not significantly improved.  If there is a time that works better for your child, please communicate that to me or Mr. Hill.


The current youth choir rehearsal schedule is as follows:
1.) Every Sunday following morning worship (with the exception of 3rd Sundays).

2). Every Saturday before the third Sunday @ 11a.m.

3.) And, 9:35 am on third Sunday’s right before morning worship.

We have a special group of youth who are gifted with voices to be heard in Sunday morning worship.  We need parents,  grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. to make sure that our Youth stay involved and exercise those gifts, especially on third Sundays while continuing to support our budding children’s choir. I’m a firm believer that both can be done at The MET. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to give me a call. Thanks for your time and continued support.                                                            

Lincoln E. Barnett, Youth Minister


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Announcements from the Pastor’s Desk

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Greetings in the Name of the Lord


A source of blessing in our relationship with God; Symbolic in putting God first; An act of gratitude for and an expression of commitment to God’s work; An important element in Christian Discipleship; A help in reordering priorities, establishing God’s rightful place in our lives; Capable of extending the church’s witness and service through ministries near and far; Able to free us from being vulnerable to greed, and to develop in us a new spirit of generosity in all things.

“Give and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together and running over”.  (Luke 6:38)


The Peace of God be with you           See you on Sunday

Word for the Morning               Pastor Porter


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