Announcements from the Youth Minister

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Greetings Metropolitan,


Parents please know that the Youth Choir will sing on the fourth Sunday of September instead of the third Sunday. Therefore, the youth choir will rehearse the Saturday before the fourth Sunday (September 26) at 11am.  Additionally, all members are encouraged to invite college-aged family members and friends for our annual College Student Sunday and dinner.


The Extra Effort Wins Enrichment Program, resumed last week for its fourth academic session. The program continues to operate Monday – Thursday 3pm to 5pm. We welcome our high school youth to volunteer with the enrichment program.   Additionally, we have LeMoyne-Owen work study students and student volunteers who serve as our primary tutor-mentor staff.


In the coming a week’s announcements will be made regarding upcoming events in the Month of October.  We are asking that birth month organizations start bringing in candy for our annual fall festival.  This year’s festival will require the full efforts and support of every members, so be sure to take note when announcements are made and volunteer your time and talents to help make this year’s festival a memorable community outreach event.


Thanks and have a blessed week!

Lincoln E. Barnett, Youth Minister

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